Episode 115: A turnaround

John: Well, an invite to the flat. I never thought you’d ask. I’ll put the kettle on for you, me and Alice. Helen: Oh perfect. Just what I need. Now I know you’re desperate to tell me about the professor. John: Only if you’re sure. Helen: Come on. John: Well, basically she said if I […]

Episode 114: Alice chats to the cat

Alice: Oh Co-Co. I can’t believe there really was something wrong with you all along. Your poor paw! Now how did that happen? Mm, were you fighting with that naughty tomcat in the park or did you step on some broken glass like the vet said? It must have been so sore yet I didn’t […]

Episode 113: Study time

John: Hi Helen! I haven’t seen you in the library for ages. What are you doing here? Helen: I’ve got a ton of work from Professor Lewis and I need to make a start on it. I’m surprised to see you working here so late. John: Oh I’m a changed man! Not that you’d have […]

Episode 112: A proposition

Janet: Sorry? Tim : I said ‘I’ve always seen myself as a bit of a self-made man’. Janet: So a guy who’s not afraid of hard work. Tim: Exactly! It’s just that there hasn’t been much hard work around lately. Janet: Well, what if I told you you’re wrong? Tim: I’d love to be wrong […]

Episode 111: Time for coffee

Tim: Thanks for inviting me out for coffee. It’s good to get out of the flat for a bit. Janet: I hope you’re keeping yourself busy. Tim: Well, I’m trying to but sometimes it’s a bit difficult to get motivated. Janet: I know it is Tim but it’s important to keep your spirits up. And […]

Episode 110: Home again

Helen: And then, she really did make it up to the top! Khalid: Congratulations Alice! You are brave! Alice: Thank you! Helen: So, how were things back here. Did you boys manage to look after yourselves alright? Khalid: We had a great time and Tim’s got some good news. Helen: Oh what? Tim: My guardian […]

Episode 109: A visit to the vet

Vet: And is Kitty an indoor or an outdoor cat? Khalid: Both really. She stays in at night but she’s out most off the day, playing with other cats. Vet: Right, walk along here Kitty. Now, mm, you see? She’s limping. Let’s have another look at that front paw. Ah yes, see here – there’s […]

Episode 108: Sight-seeing

Helen: The guidebook says ‘The Eiffel Tower weighs 7,300 tons and is 324 metres tall’. Alice: Really? Helen: Yes, but who cares about the facts and figures, let’s go up! Alice: Up there? Oh it’s so much nicer seeing it from the ground. Tell me more about this fascinating piece of architecture. Helen: Mmh, let’s […]

Episode 107: Khalid lends a hand

Alice: Oh what are you up to today, Khalid? Khalid: I’m helping Helen out by taking the cat to the vets. Alice: Oh Khalid. That’s so sweet of you but… Khalid: Helen’s very worried about Bronka. Alice: ‘Bronka’? Khalid listen, I don’t want to talk about Helen behind her back but you need to know […]

Episode 106: Asking for help

Prof Lewis: Come in Helen. How are you? Helen: There’s no point saying ‘I’m fine’ is there? Prof Lewis: Not unless it’s true. But I don’t think you’d have made an appointment with me if everything was OK. Am I right? Helen: As ever, Professor Lewis, as ever. Prof Lewis: So what’s on you mind? […]