Episode 145: Report Writing

Khalid: How was your day Tim? Tim: Awful! I can see I’ve got a right handful with Jack, the chef. Khalid: What’s the problem? Tim: Well, he turned up late again and he really seemed annoyed when I took him to task about it. Khalid: So you’re having a trouble asserting your authority as a […]

Episode 144: A call from China

Helen’s mum: So how are you my dear? Helen: Pretty good mum. Mum: That’s nice to hear. I know it’s been difficult getting over that boy Michal. But I’ve noticed that you seem a bit more cheerful these days. You’re working harder at uni. And you’ve got that nice boy John to help you too. […]

Episode 143: Marriage vows

Paul: So, how are you? Alice: Not great. I’ve been thinking about us a lot. And you know what? Paul: What? Alice: I think Lucy’s right. If there’s any way you two can save your marriage, you’ve got to give it a go. Paul: I know that’s the right thing to do but a part […]

Episode 142: Booking a court

Manager: Hello Sports World. How can I help you? Helen: Do you have any courts free for Monday evening at 7.30 please? Manager: Oh yes, we have plenty available then. Helen: Good. And can we hire racquets and balls at the court? Manager: Oh yes, we can provide you with all that. Now, how many […]

Episode 141: Late again

Jack: Hiya Sally. Hello Tim. Sally: Right, I’m off. I have to run or I’ll be late for college. Bye! Tim: Bye Sally! So Jack, what time do you call this? This is your third late appearance this week. Jack: I’m only 10 minutes late. Tim: 10 minutes makes a lot of difference to Sally. […]

Episode 140: Which sport?

Khalid: What are you up to? Helen: Oh, just looking at what’s on offer at the sports centre. Khalid: How come? Helen: Well I promised myself that I was going to get fit. I want to do a sport. I just don’t know which one. Khalid: Well, have you thought about if you like team […]

Episode 139: The chef’s hat

Chef: And here’s one egg and chips. Tim: Thanks. And can I have a double cheeseburger when you’re ready. Em Jack, are you sure this egg is cooked enough? It looks a little bit runny to me. Jack: What’s that on your head? Tim: Nothing. Jack: Yeah I thought so. There’s no chef’s hat there, […]

Episode 138: Second thoughts

Alice: Paul, you’re so naive sometimes. Paul: I’m more realistic than you think I am Alice. Alice: What? Paul: It’s just that Lucy’s having second thoughts about the divorce. Alice: Well it’s too late now to change her mind. You did tell her that? Paul: Not exactly. Alice: Not exactly? You’re not thinking about getting […]

Episode 137: The elephant in the corner

Paul: But then he said he was suddenly better and he didn’t need to see me! Alice: Incredible! Now we can go on making small talk like this all evening if you like, but I’d rather we tackled that big old elephant in the corner. Paul: What elephant is that then? Alice: Lucy. And before […]

Episode 136: An empty box

Tim: Oh chocolates, brilliant! Just what the new manager needs to get his energy level back up. Oh no! Who’d leave an empty box here just to tease me, eh Kitty? Helen: Hi Tim. How was your first day? Tim: Hard work but pretty good fun actually. You don’t look great. Are you OK? Helen: […]