Episode 105: Alice swallows her pride

Alice: Thanks for agreeing to meet me. Paul: That’s ok, what’s on your mind? Alice: You must know. I flew off the handle the other morning and I just wanted to say how sorry I was. I wanted everything to go well with me and Ellie, but then she said she didn’t like me and […]

Episode 104: A mini-break*

Upload Music – Embed Audio Files – fm_audio_episode104_070731 Alice: Helen! I’ve got great news for us! Helen: What is it? Is there another letter from Michal? Let me see! Alice: No, forget Michal! It’s something much better! And anyway, I said ‘great news for us’. So, do you remember my friend Gabrielle? Helen: The one […]

Episode 103: Helen’s treat

Waitress: And for the gentlemen? Khalid: I have the spaghetti. Tim: And the cheese and tomato pizza for me. Waitress: And to drink? Helen: Oh, a bottle of bubbly, thanks. Khalid: What do we celebrate? Helen: Our anniversary. It might seem like yesterday but it’s actually almost two years since Tim, Alice and I started […]

Episode 102: Friends again

Helen: Tim, have you got a minute? Tim: Well, it’s not like I’ve got a ton of things to do, is it? Helen: No, no, it’s not. Tim, I want to apologise for the way I spoke to you the other day. Tim: Oh yeah? Helen: Yeah. I was well out of order. I’ve been […]

Episode 101: Smoking in the loo

Tim: Hurry up in there. Khalid: I’ll be out in a minute. Tim: Oh, it stinks in here. Khalid, have you been smoking? Khalid: Yeah but just a quick puff. Tim: It doesn’t matter how tiny it is, you can’t smoke here. Khalid: Why not? It’s not as if I’m smoking in the kitchen or […]

Episode 100: More tears

Helen: Alice! Please don’t cry. Alice: I can’t help it. I’ve just done the exact same thing as you. Helen: What! You had a bust-up with Tim? Alice: No, not with Tim, with Paul. Helen: But why? Alice: Oh I had to babysit Ellie and she just gave me the runaround. But then when Paul […]

Episode 99: Girl Talk

Alice: It’s only me. Can I come in? Helen: Yes but don’t look at me. I’m a mess. Alice: Helen, you’ve been crying. What’s wrong? Helen: I’ve just had some really bad news from Michal. He’s fallen in love with someone else and doesn’t want me to contact him ever again. Alice: Oh, you poor […]

Episode 98: Temper tantrums

Paul: Hi! I’m back! Alice: You must be exhausted. Have you been working all night? Paul: Yes but at least we dealt with most of the casualties. How was your evening? Alice: Oh so-so. Paul: Was Ellie OK? Alice: She was quite problematic, actually. You should have warned me. Paul: What about? What did you […]

Episode 97: Negotiating

Tim: Helen can I talk to you? Helen: OK but nothing heavy. I’m not in the mood. Tim: It’s just that I don’t think I can make the rent this month. Helen: Oh Tim! What am I supposed to do? Tim: I just think there needs to be some fairness around here. Khalid’s only paying […]

Episode 96: Babysitting

Alice: Well it’s almost bedtime. Time for you to go upstairs. Ellie: I don’t want to go to bed. I want to stay down here with you. Alice: Well you know I’d love to have your company. Ellie: Then let me stay down and watch TV. Alice: Ellie, I don’t think that’s such a good […]