Episode 135: A mobile mystery

Alice: So how was it? Khalid: I can’t quite believe I’m saying this but it actually wasn’t that bad! Alice: Really? That dentist must have been something special. Oh, sorry Khalid, excuse me. Oh it’s Paul. Hello darling. Haven’t heard from you in ages. What have you been up to? Woman: Who am I speaking […]

Episode 134: Tim’s management style

Tim: Oh, that was a long day Sally. Sorry you had to babysit me the whole time. I just thought it was important to get my feet wet right from the start. Sally: So I saw. Tim: I don’t know what kind of manager Henry was but I … Sally: The best. Tim: Oh I […]

Episode 133: Fighting the fear

Dentist: No wonder you were frightened! Khalid: Exactly! It was terrible. Dentist: And every visit to the dentist has been awful since then, right? Khalid: Precise! Dentist: Well, I don’t know how long it’s been since you visited a dentist but, you know, technology has moved on a lot in the last few years and […]

Episode 132: Childhood traumas

Dentist: Now the receptionist told me you’re a bit frightened of dentists. Is that right? Khalid: Yes I’m terrified actually. Dentist: Well I hope I can change your mind about me! So first of all, let me ask you a few questions about your dental history. Khalid: OK, if you think it will help. Dentist: […]

Episode 131: Confusing coffees

Tim: Er… right, OK. I think I’ve got that straight. Customer: Eh, good. Well, that didn’t take long. Now where is Henry? Tim: Oh, he’s on easy street now; he’s retired. I’m the new Henry. I’m Tim. I’ve taken over from him. Nice to meet you. Customer: You too. I’m sure you’ll work out fine. […]

Episode 130: A note in the kitchen

Helen: Hiya! Where is everyone? Mm Bronka do you know where they’ve all gone? I know it’s Tim’s first day at the cafe but Alice should be back from her night shift and Khalid doesn’t go to college till later. Oh there’s a note. ‘Hi Helen. Am holding Khalid’s hand at the dentist. He’s as […]

Episode 129: A box of chocs

Alice: Morning! Oh at last, I’m back home after a killer night shift. Khalid: Want me to put the kettle on? Alice: Oh thanks. You’re a star! And here’s a reward for making the tea! Khalid: What’s that? Alice: A box of yummy chocs. Khalid: That’s not like you, healthy nurse Alice, bringing something so […]

Episode 128: First day jitters

Khalid: So it’s your first day at the cafe today. What are you feeling? Tim: Excited and terrified! Khalid: You’ll be fine. Don’t worry. Tim: That’s easy for you to say. You’re not taking over from Mr Nice Guy. Khalid: Tim you’re a great guy! Those people in the cafe are lucky to have someone […]

Episode 127: An unwanted gift

Assistant: Happy New Year madam. How can I help you? Helen: I’d like to return this jumper please. Assistant: I see. Is there anything wrong with it? Helen: Nothing except the colour, the shape and the size! Assistant: And do you have the receipt? Helen: No, you see it was a Christmas present. Assistant: Well […]

Episode 126: Decorating

Helen’s Dad: Right, that undercoat seems pretty dry now. Let’s get the paint ready. How many coats do you think we’ll need? Khalid: Well the walls seem quite – what’s the word? – porous. We might need two. Dad: So have you done much of this before? Khalid: My uncle’s a painter and a decorator […]