Episode 125: Opening prezzies

Khalid: Is everyone ready for Secret Santa before we all go our separate ways for the holidays? Alice: Yes! Shall I go first? Well, I wonder what’s inside this box. … Oh a child’s plastic pony. Very funny! Tim this one’s for you. Tim: Mmm, what’s this? It’s soft, made of material. … Ah! It’s […]

Episode 124: Secret Santa

Helen: It won’t be long till Christmas is here. What does everyone want to do to celebrate? Tim: Let’s do Secret Santa this year. Khalid: What’s that? Alice: Well, we put everyone’s name in a hat and then we each pick one out. Tim: But you don’t say whose name you got. Alice: Oh yes, […]

Episode 123: Painting and decorating

Helen’s Dad: The shelves look great Khalid. Khalid: Thank you. I enjoy working with my hands. I miss doing practical things like this when I’m studying all the time. Dad: Well I have an idea which might suit us both. Khalid: Really, what’s that? Dad: I hear you’re not going back home over the holidays. […]

Episode 122: Mucking out

Instructor: Horses have thick coats so you can brush quite hard, do you see? Do you want to try Ellie? Ellie: Yes please. Oh Alice, isn’t Dusty’s coat gorgeous? Alice: It certainly is and you’re grooming her really well. Ellie: Alice, can I ask you something? Alice: Course you can my dear. Ellie: Do you […]

Episode 121: Pony riding

Ellie: Watch me Alice! Look how fast I’m going! Alice: Wow! You’re doing really well Ellie. Instructor: OK and walk! Good Dusty, good Ellie. And halt. Now, dismount Ellie. Ellie: Oh that was fantastic! I love Dusty. She’s the best horse in the world. Isn’t she beautiful? Alice: She certainly is. So have you enjoyed […]

Episode 120: The bank manager

Manager: So, why should the bank lend you this money? Tim: Well, I’ve been saving here for almost five years. Manager: But haven’t you been unemployed recently? Tim: Yes but I’ve been living on my savings, not using an overdraft. I’m a reliable customer and I think my new business is an excellent investment. A […]

Episode 119: A quiet drink

Paul: So here’s your gin and tonic. Cheers! Alice: Cheers! Here’s to holidays. I’ve got a few days off next week. I can’t wait for a break from work. Paul: That’ll be nice. I wish I was as enthusiastic about half-term! Alice: Have you got any plans? Paul: Well, I’ve got a few activities planned […]

Episode 118: Tim meets the owner

Tim: Are you Henry, the owner? Henry: Yes. You must be Tim. Janet’s told me all about you. Tim: Oh good things, I hope. Henry: Well, the key words were ‘honest’, ‘hard-working’ and ‘down on his luck’. Tim: I couldn’t have put it better myself. Henry: Well you can’t help having a bit of bad […]

Episode 117: Alice and Paul talk

Alice: Oh good evening Dr Laver. Paul: Alice, how are you? Alice: Exhausted. Just finished another long shift. Paul: Yes it’s been busy here lately. Alice: I haven’t seen you for ages. You’re not avoiding me are you? Paul: Oh Alice. I’ve got such a lot on just now – juggling work and the children […]

Episode 116: Khalid’s DIY

Tim: What’s all that banging about? Khalid: Oh I didn’t realise you were in. I thought I had the flat to myself. Do you like the new shelves? Tim: You can’t just decide to start hammering things into walls. You need to get permission first. Have you checked with the landlord? Khalid: Of course I […]