Episode 95: A letter from Poland

Helen: Dear Helen, I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. Remembering our good and bad times. You coming into the kitchen and thinking something was going on with me and Alice. That huge fight we had about John cheating in his exam. So many memories – more sad than happy – but you’ll always […]

Episode 94: A quiet night in

Alice: Ah, something smells fantastic! You’re a whiz in the kitchen Paul. Paul: Thank you. Ellie: Yes, my daddy’s a wonderful cooker. He’s the bestest daddy in the whole wide world. Alice: And you’re the luckiest 5 year old, Ellie. Paul: Oh, that’s the pager. What is it now? Oh no, serious traffic incident. They […]

Episode 93: An old friend calls

Tim: Hello? Janet: It’s Janet Hall here. Tim: Janet! How did you get my number? Janet: Oh, a bit of detective work and a chat with a lovely gal in the Human Resources department. Tim: Well, I’m glad you called. I’ve got so much to thank you for. I was branded a cheat, a liar […]

Episode 92: The cost of living

Tim: So how are you settling in then Khalid? Khalid: There is going well Tim. You’ve all been really friendly, footy in the park and cups of teas in the afternoon. I can’t believe I get all this for only £75 a week. Tim: How much? Khalid: £75. I know it’s less than what you’re […]

Episode 91: The truth about the watches

Police 1: Could you just sign here please? Tim: Yeah, sure. Can I do anything else to help? Police 1: I think we have everything we need. We’ve been watching your boss, I mean, your ex-boss, for some time, and we’ve long suspected that he was involved in a counterfeiting ring. With the statement you’ve […]

Episode 90: Khalid moves in

Tim: Where do you want this bag, Khalid? Helen: Khalid, what shall I do with these books? Khalid: Just put everything over there, next to the door, thanks. Alice: Tea’s ready, everyone! Tim: Ooh, lovely. Come on, Khalid, tea’s up! Khalid: Mmm, thanks Alice. And thanks Tim and Helen for giving me a hand with […]

Episode 89: Tim fights back

Tim: I won’t do it! You swapped the real watches for the fake ones and now you’re trying to wriggle out of it. Boss: Tim, you’re making some very serious allegations. Do you actually have any hard evidence? Tim: Well, I bet the police do. I bet it’s only a matter of time before you’re […]

Episode 88: The boss’s plan

Boss: Would you like to hear it? You’ll like it, I promise! Tim: I’m listening… Boss: Look Tim, my little plan could get us both out of quite a tight spot. It’s quite simple really, you just say that you noticed the watch boxes had been tampered with when you accepted the delivery from the […]

Episode 87: Hot water

Boss: Look Tim, it looks like we’re in a bit of hot water here. Tim: We? You mean you’re in hot water. I haven’t done anything. This is your problem: you’ve made your bed, and now you have to lie in it. Boss: Now that’s not quite true, is it Tim? You’re in charge of […]

Episode 86: Another date

Paul: I’m pleased everything’s out in the open now Alice. I didn’t like hiding things from you. Alice: You should have told me right from the word go, Paul. It was the way I found out that made me so upset. Paul: I know Alice, and I’m sorry. But things are going to be very […]