Listening 4


Sonia was very well dressed. She had on a jacket and long, dark blue skirt.

She was also wearing a yellow blouse.

She wasn’t carrying a bag, but she did have a small wallet with her. Oh, and I remember she had nice gold earrings.

I also remember her shoes. She was wearing black shoes with very high heels.


Matt was very casually dressed. He was wearing some really old jeans – you know, the ones with holes in them – with a wide leather belt and a blue shirt with buttons. He had on some boots too, high brown ones. They looked really nice.

He was also wearing glasses. He usually wears a couple of big rings, but he was only wearing one today.

Kevin was wearing a yellow shirt and green tie. I didn’t like the tie, but I liked the shirt. He also had on brown pants. He was wearing sneakers with long white socks – kind of cute, actually. And he had a leather bag over one shoulder.


Amy looked really good. She had on a long skirt and a beautiful black jacket. And she had some expensive glasses on. She also had on a collared shirt.

She didn’t have a bag. She was wearing sandals.


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