Nouns are words of things, people, places … (Danh từ là từ chỉ vật, con người, nơi chốn …) – table, cat … – happiness, spirit … – attractiveness, sanitation … Nouns usually have plural and singular form. (Danh từ thường có hình thức số nhiều và ít) – a cat -> cats – a […]

IELTS Preparation – Seniors 1

+ UNIT 0: NUMBERS + UNIT 0: THE ALPHABET + UNIT 1: Introduction and Names + UNIT 2: Descrbing people + UNIT 3: Clothes + UNIT 4: Routines + UNIT 5: Dates + UNIT 6: Jobs + UNIT 7: Favourites + UNIT 8: Sports and Exercise + UNIT 9: Locations + Grammar: Nouns + Grammar: […]

Listening 6

1. Peter: Let’s see. I get up at five fifteen every morning and go running. Then, after I have a shower and a quick breakfast, I take the subway to work. I usually do some work on the subway. I get to work at seven in the morning, and I usually work until eight at […]

Listening 5

1. A: Hey, Sandra, do you want to go to the movies tonight? B: Maybe… what time? A: How about the nine fifteen show? B: Oh, that’s too late for me… I usually go to bed at eight thirty. A: So early? B: Yeah…. I have to get up at five a.m. to study before […]

Listening 4

1. Sonia was very well dressed. She had on a jacket and long, dark blue skirt. She was also wearing a yellow blouse. She wasn’t carrying a bag, but she did have a small wallet with her. Oh, and I remember she had nice gold earrings. I also remember her shoes. She was wearing black […]

Listening 3

1 A: How are the pants, sir? B: I think they’re too short. What do you think? A: Yes. I think you’re right. They certainly are too short. B: Can you get me a longer pair? 2. A: Do you like this blouse? B: Well, I think it’s a little too big. A: I guess […]

Listening 2 – Keys and scripts

1 A: Excuse me. I’ve lost my little boy. We were looking at microwaves and he was bored and… B: Calm down, sir. Can you describe him? A: Yes. He’s nine. Really cute. B: And what color is his hair? A: Dark brown. B: Okay. Let’s see where he is. Just sit down and relax. […]

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