Listening 3

1 A: How are the pants, sir? B: I think they’re too short. What do you think? A: Yes. I think you’re right. They certainly are too short. B: Can you get me a longer pair? 2. A: Do you like this blouse? B: Well, I think it’s a little too big. A: I guess […]

Come to the Fair

Come to the Fair Fall fairs have been a feature of North American life since early in the nineteenth century. At the end of the harvest, people from rural areas have come together to celebrate. Usually, these fairs take the form of a competition regarding the best of all farm products of that year. Depending […]

Listening 2 – Keys and scripts

1 A: Excuse me. I’ve lost my little boy. We were looking at microwaves and he was bored and… B: Calm down, sir. Can you describe him? A: Yes. He’s nine. Really cute. B: And what color is his hair? A: Dark brown. B: Okay. Let’s see where he is. Just sit down and relax. […]

Listening 1- Keys and Scripts

1 A: What does your girlfriend look like, Tony? B: Ella? Oh, she’s tall. And she has long, dark brown hair. 2: a/True A: Tell me about your boyfriend, Anne. B: Well, his name’s Daniel. He’s 17. Let me see… Well, he has curly blonde hair. He’s not very tall – about average. But he’s […]

SENIORS 1 – lesson 2 ” Greeting – chào hỏi”

Goal languages: Hi: chào Hello: chào Good morning: chào (buổi sáng) Good afternoon: chào (buổi chiều) Good evening: chào (buổi tối) How are you? bạn khỏe không? How’s everything? bạn ổn chứ? (Mọi việc như thế nào?) How’s it going? bạn ổn chứ? (Mọi việc như thế nào?) fine: ổn I’m fine: tôi ổn Great: tuyệt […]

Thưa Quý Phụ huynh,

MerlinEnglish xin thông báo lịch nghỉ Lễ Giỗ tổ Hùng Vương, 30/4 và 1/5 năm 2023 như sau:

Thời gian nghỉ học: Từ thứ Bảy, ngày 29/04/2023 đến hết thứ Tư ngày 03/05/2023

Thời gian học lại: Từ thứ Năm, ngày 04/05/2023

Kính chúc Quý Phụ huynh cùng các em Học sinh có kỳ nghỉ Lễ vui vẻ!

Trân trọng,