Initial W

  • wade: paddle; walk through relatively shallow water
  • wag: move one way and the other with quick turns; shake to and fro; move in vibrating; cause to vibrate
  • wage: hazard on the event of a contest; stake; engage in, as a contest; adventure, or lay out, for hire or reward; hire; employ
  • wagon: any of various kinds of wheeled vehicles drawn by a horse or tractor
  • waist: narrowing of the body between the ribs and hips
  • waive: give up temporarily; yield; give up voluntarily; defer
  • wake: trail of ship or other object through water; path of something that has gone before
  • walnut: tree with 10 – 40 meters tall; hard, dark brown wood of any of these trees
  • wander: move about without a definite destination or purpose; range about; stroll; go away; depart ward: guard; defender; protector; state under guard; division of a county; division of a hospital wardrobe: tall cabinet, closet, or small room built to hold clothes
  • ware: articles of merchandise; style or class of manufactures; especially, in the plural, goods; commodities; merchandise
  • warehouse: depot; storehouse for goods and merchandise
  • warfare: military service; military life; contest carried on by enemies
  • warrant: guarantee; assurance by seller; authorization or certification
  • warrior: fighter; combatant; one who is engaged in or experienced in battle
  • waterproof: tight; unaffected by water; made of or covered with material that doesn’t allow water in
  • waver: play or move to and fro; move one way and the other; swing; be unsettled in opinion
  • wax: increase gradually in size, number, strength, or intensity; show a progressively larger illuminated area
  • weapon: arms
  • weary: tired; exhausted; physically or mentally fatigued
  • weather: endure the effects of weather or other forces; come through safely; survive
  • weave: pattern or structure by weaving ; knit; interlace
  • weaver: craftsman who weaves cloth
  • web: textile fabric; complex, interconnected structure or arrangement; the World Wide Web; radio or television network
  • wedding: marriage ceremony; act of marrying; anniversary of a marriage
  • wedge: a piece of metal, or other hard material, thick at one end, and tapering to a thin edge at the other, used in splitting wood, rocks
  • weed: undesirable or troublesome plant, especially growing where it is not wanted as in a garden.
  • weld: unite closely or intimately; join together by heating
  • welfare: benefit; something that aids health or happiness
  • whereas: considering that; it being the case that; since
  • whereby: by which; by what; how
  • whilst: while
  • whip: overlay with other cords going round and round it; take or move by a sudden motion; clean completely
  • whirl: act of rotating or revolving rapidly; state of confusion; tumult
  • whisper: speaking in a quiet voice; soft speech produced without full voice; secretly expressed belief, rumor, or hint
  • whistle: make a kind of musical sound by lips; emit a similar sound from mouth as birds
  • wholesale: selling or related to selling goods in large quantities; large-scale; on a large scale without careful discrimination
  • wholesaler: someone who buys large quantities of goods and resells to merchants
  • wholesome: conducive to sound health or well-being; beneficial
  • wicked: evil in principle or practice; contrary to moral or divine law; addicted to vice or sin widespread: spread or scattered over a considerable extent; occurring or accepted widely
  • width: extent of something from side to side
  • wield: handle (a weapon or tool, for example) with skill and ease. exercise effectively; handle; have power over; rule; manage
  • wilderness: a tract of land, or a region, uncultivated and uninhabited by human beings, whether a forest or a wide, barren plain; wild or desert
  • willow: trees having usually narrow leaves
  • winding: twisting or turning; spiral
  • wisdom: quality of being wise; knowledge ; results of wise judgments
  • wit: intellect; mental ability; natural ability to perceive and understand
  • withdraw: remove from; pull back; break from gathering; retreat; depart
  • withdrawal: secession; retreat or retirement
  • wither: shrivel; decay; lose freshness, vigor, or vitality; loss of moisture
  • withhold: refuse to give; refrain from giving, granting, or permitting; deduct from employee’s salary
  • withstand: stand up against; successfully resist; oppose with force or resolution
  • witness: someone who sees an event and reports what happened; observe; watch
  • woe: deep, inconsolable grief; affliction; suffering; deep distress or misery, as from grief
  • woods: small forest; woodland; dense collection of trees covering a relatively small area
  • wool: dense, soft, often curly hair forming the coat of sheep and certain other mammals
  • wording: act or style of expressing in words; expression, or power of expression
  • worldwide: global; universal; throughout the world
  • worst: be better than; defeat; gain the advantage over
  • worthwhile: sufficiently valuable
  • wrap: enclose; arrange or fold as a cover or protection
  • wrath: forceful, often vindictive anger; fury; just punishment of an offense or crime
  • wreck: destruction; destroy; smash or break forcefully
  • wrench: twist or turn suddenly and forcibly; move, extract, or force free by pulling violently
  • wrestle: contend by grappling with, and striving to trip or throw down an opponent; struggle or strive earnestly
  • wretched: very miserable; sunk in, or accompanied by deep affliction or distress; calamitous; woeful; worthless
  • wring: twist; squeeze; compress, especially so as to extract liquid
  • wrinkle: a minor difficulty; a slight depression in the smoothness of a surface
  • wrist: joint between the hand and the forearm


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