Initial U

  • ugly: offensive to the sight; contrary to beauty; disagreeable aspect; unsightly ultimate: final; being the last or concluding; fundamental; elemental; extreme ultimately: as final consequence; at last; in the end
  • ultrasonic: supersonic; higher in frequency than the range of sound perceptible to the human ear ultraviolet: wave lengths shorter than light but longer than X rays
  • unanimous: uniform; in complete agreement
  • unbearable: unendurable; so unpleasant, distasteful, or painful as to be intolerable
  • unconscious: lacking awareness; senseless; unaware
  • uncover: remove the cover from; expose; disclose
  • underestimate: make too low an estimate of the quantity; undervalue
  • undergo: experience; suffer; pass through
  • undergraduate: university student who has not yet received a first degree
  • underground: under the level of the ground; buried
  • underline: mark a line below, as words; underscore.
  • underlying: lying under or beneath something; basic; implicit; taking precedence; prior
  • undermine: weaken by wearing away base or foundation; injure or impair; dig a mine or tunnel beneath
  • underneath: under or below an object or a surface; lower down on the page
  • undertake: take on; embark on; assume
  • undertaking: task or assignment undertaken; career
  • undo: release; cause the ruin or downfall of; cancel or reverse an action
  • undoubtedly: unquestionably; without doubt; certainly
  • undue: not due; not yet owing; not just, proper, or legal; ; excessive
  • uneasy: not easy; difficult; restless; disturbed by pain, anxiety
  • unfair: unjust; contrary to laws or conventions, especially in commerce
  • unfold: extend or stretch out to a greater or the full length; happen
  • unfortunately: unluckily; by bad luck
  • uniform: consistent; standardized; clothing of a particular group
  • unique: without an equal; being the only one of its kind
  • unity: cohesion; harmony; quality of being united into one
  • universal: affecting all; general; present everywhere; relating to the entire world or all within the world; worldwide
  • universe: cosmos; everything that exists anywhere
  • unlikely: improbable; has little chance of being the case or coming about
  • unload: take something off a container
  • unprecedented: having no previous example; novel; unparalleled
  • unsatisfactory: not giving satisfaction; inadequate
  • unstable: inconstant; variable; lacking control of one’s emotions; constantly changing
  • unwarranted: having no justification; groundless; not guaranteed to be good, sound, or of a certain quality
  • uphold: support; preserve; hold aloft; raise
  • upright: in an erect position or posture; perpendicular; vertical, or nearly vertical; pointing upward
  • upset: concerned by anxious uneasiness or trouble or grief
  • urban: metropolitan; of, relating to, or located in a city
  • urge: force in an indicated direction; stimulate; excite
  • urgent: pressing; compelling immediate action or attention
  • utensil: instrument, implement, or container for practical use, especially in kitchen or laboratory
  • utility: something useful; public service
  • utilization: state of having been made use of; the act of using
  • utilize: put into service; take advantage of
  • utmost: farthest point or extremity; most distant; extreme
  • utter: speak; express; send forth with the voice
  • utterance: vocal expression; power of speaking; last or utmost extremity


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