Why online dating isn’t working for you, according to dating coach Bettina Arndt

Online dating coach BETTINA ARNDT gives struggling singles her top tips on how to stand out from the crowd and find their perfect partner on the internet. Love doctor: Renowned sexologist and relationship expert Bettina Arndt pictured at home in Woollhara. Source:News Corp Australia SUCCESS stories are everywhere. The tipsy bride announces at her wedding reception […]

Holiday hotspots: where to go in 2014

Start planning your 2014 travels with the help of our top 40 destination round-up. Some are hosting major events, others are under-the-radar places only just starting to attract tourists, but all of them are inspiring or exciting right now Bangladesh, above, is among a number of often-overlooked destinations hoping to attract travellers this year. Photograph: […]

Singer Michael Maiolo reveals how The X Factor scarred him for life

Michael Maiolo at his business, The Original House of Wax. Source: News Corp Australia MICHAEL Maiolo’s biggest passion in life was to sing. Having competed in international song competitions, recorded an album by the age of 17 and released singles on iTunes by the time he was 21, Maiolo was dedicated to pursuing a career in music. […]

Imperial Tobacco eyes US cigarette brand deals

Tobacco company aiming to buy brands owned by Reynolds and Lorillard in a bid to expand presence in $90bn US market Lambert and Butler cigarettes. Imperial Tobacco: said: ‘Imperial confirms it is in discussions with Reynolds and Lorillard to evaluate a possible acquisition of certain assets and brands owned by Reynolds and Lorillard’. Photograph: Bloomberg/Bloomberg […]

Cynk Technology value soars to over $5 billion within days

Who is behind the mysterious Cynk Technology? Source: Supplied IT HAS no assets, no revenues and no business plan to speak of. But a company called Cynk Technology has seen its value soar as high as $5.09 billion. Wall Street analysts have been at loss to explain the spectacular 24,000 per cent rise in Cynk, which trades […]

Married and divorced by 14

Divorced at 14, Maimuna Abdullahi is the face of Nigeria’s child bride shame Divorced teenager Maimuna Abdullahi, left, writes from the blackboard as she and others attend school in Kaduna, Nigeria. Source: AP MARRIED at 13, divorced just a year later, this is the tragic face of one teenager sold for just a couple of hundred dollars. […]

How to make the perfect arancini

Are these fried rice balls the best use for leftover risotto, do you make them from scratch in the traditional Sicilian style, and what do you stuff them with? Felicity Cloake’s perfect arancini. Photographs: Felicity Cloake for the Guardian Arancini, named after the little oranges that these fried rice balls are said to resemble, are best known […]

People are going crazy for the game ‘Let it Goat’

Combining goats and Disney’s Frozen was only ever going to end well. Source: Supplied ANGRY Birds, Temple Run and Flappy Bird are all old news. Welcome to the world of Let it Goat. The internet loves goats, it also loves Disney songs, so it makes sense that the latest stupidly addictive game on the iOS App Store combines them both. The game is called Let […]

Emmy nominations 2014: some surprises, just not the right ones

Lizzy Caplan, left, as Virginia Johnson and Caitlin Fitzgerald as Libby Masters in “Masters of Sex,” Photograph: Craig Blankenhorn/AP The morning of Emmy nominations is a strange ritual, sort of like Bill Murray waking up in Groundhog Day. Everything is sort of exactly the same but also slightly different enough that it feels a little bit like […]